Research activities

Our Institute promotes research activities that are part of the scientific co-directors and research associates’ interests. A full list of our current research projects and publications are included in this site. We are particularly interested in qualitative research, and promote narrative and discourse inquiry in the area of individual, couple and group psychotherapy, narrative tools and narrative study of lives. Part of the latter category is our psychobiography project , which is of particularly interest to us, and for the sake of which we have travelled internationally to exhibitions and museums. One of our studies is forthcoming in an international psychobiography textbook to be published by Springer publications. We also work on further developing our theoretical approach SANE, theory and practice.

The Institute has gained numerous awards for research posters presented at the EFTA Congress 2013 (3 awards) & 2016 (5 awards) and has also gained first price for a poster presented at the World Psychotherapy Congress in Paris (2017). See list of research projects. Several of trainee research projects have been presented at conferences in Greece and abroad and/or have been published or are forthcoming in scientific journals.