The Institute organizes a variety of specialized seminars and short courses for mental health professionals and mental health students which are announced at the beginning of each academic year.

Topics include:

1. Psychotherapy and neurosciences. New ways of synthesis
2. ‘All you need is love’. The theory of attachment in psychotherapy
3. Use and abuse of substances. A systemic approach to understanding and treating.
Co-ordinator: George Kalarritis, MMedSci
4. Narrative tools in systemic psychotherapy.
a. The self-characterization as a narrative tool
b. Fiction as a narrative tool
c. Dreams as a narrative tool
d. Early recollections as a narrative tool
e. Group Supervision seminar in the use of narrative tools
5. Attachment trauma and loss: Narrative techniques for healing.
6. Qualitative research in postmodernism. From choice of topic to writing a report.

Co-ordinator: Athena Androutsopoulou, PhD

7. Training professionals in the Greek WISC-III
8. Skills and techniques for group psychotherapy
9. A synthetic systemic approach to treating couples
10. Therapy as an emotion-focused process

Co-ordinator: Tsabika Bafiti, PhD

Please note: Additional seminars by the Institute’s co-ordinators and associates are announced at a regular basis on our webpage.