Training for Mental Health Professionals


The Clinical Training Program in Systemic Psychotherapy is designed for mental health professionals who wish to become systemic counselors and/or psychotherapists and work with individuals, couples, families and groups. Although systemic in its basis, clinical training is enriched with (i) attachment theory, (ii) narrative psychology, and (iii) recent findings in neurosciences. We use the acronym SANE to bring together all four elements of our theoretical and training approach: SANE-System, Attachment, Narrative, Encephalon. ®


The institute offers a three- year part-time training program in Systemic Diagnosis addressed to psychologists who are interested in adopting a relational perspective to the use of well known psychometric (MMPI)and projective (TAT, Rorschach etc) tests for adults, couples and families. The seminar includes theories and findings in developmental psychopathology , in addition to clinical practice and individual and group supervision in administering and interpreting results. Successful completion leads to a certificate in “Clinical training program in systemic diagnosis”. A total of 110 hours plus independent study.  Two additional short courses on popular family evaluation scales (40 hours) and diagnostic tools for children (40 hours) are offered as part of or independently to the main course.

Ειδίκευση στη θεραπεία ζεύγους

Το Πρόγραμμα Ειδίκευσης στη Θεραπεία Ζεύγους που προσφέρει το ‘Λόγω Ψυχής’ – Ινστιτούτο Εκπαίδευσης και Έρευνας στη Συστημική Ψυχοθεραπεία- απευθύνεται ειδικευμένους συστημικούς ψυχοθεραπευτές στο Κλινικό Πρόγραμμα SANE – System Attachment Narrative Encephalon.® αλλά και σε ψυχοθεραπευτές άλλων προσεγγίσεων με την προϋπόθεση οι τελευταίοι να

Συμβουλευτική παιδιών

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Seminars & short courses

The Institute organizes a variety of specialized seminars and short courses for mental health professionals and mental health students which are announced at the beginning of each academic year.

Topics include:
1. Psychotherapy and neurosciences. New ways of synthesis
2. ‘All you need is love’. The theory of attachment in psychotherapy
3. Use and abuse of substances. A systemic approach to understanding and treating…