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Τhe Training and Research Institute for Systemic Psychotherapy, founded in 2011, is directed by Athena Androutsopoulou, PhD,Tsabika Bafiti, PhD, and George Kalarritis MMedSci, clinical psychologists and systemic psychotherapists. All three have a long experience in training and supervising mental health professionals.They all hold the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP).
The institute is a full Member of EFTA-TIC and member of the platform for trainer exchange of EFTA-TIC. It is also a full Member of NOPG (National Chamber of EAP-Greece).
Its main activity is the training of mental health professionals in systemic counselling and psychotherapy, and in systemic diagnosis. It also organizes seminars both for professionals and for the public and continuing education lectures for professionals, including collaborators and graduates of the Institute. Another important activity of the Institute is research and its interest in promoting knowledge concerning issues of mental health and psychotherapy.
Read more on our enriched systemic perspective SANE – System Attachment Narrative Encephalon.® to therapy and training, and get to know us better through our pages!

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